First Aid

First Aid Kits and Refills

School Bus First Aid Kit - Metal and Poly.
Call for your state specifications.

First Aid Kit refills. Available for all states. When ordering your refill kits, please specify the state you need! 1-800-334-2407.

Instant Hand Sanitizer Citrus Scent (a.b.h.c.™)

Kills 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds without the use of soap and water. Our formula evaporates completely with no rinsing required. (a.b.h.c.™) Instant Hand Sanitizer contains aloe vera to add moisture with each use, thus encouraging frequent hand-washing to aid in reducing the risk of cross-contamination. (a.b.h.c.™) Instant Hand Sanitizer is available in convenient pump dispensers, single use pouches and flip top dispenser bottles. Our hand sanitizer helps you meet OSHA, APIC and CDC hand washing recommendations in the absence of soap and water. Instant Hand Sanitizer has demonstrated virucidal activity against HIV-1 and Avian Flu A in 15 seconds. (Results of in vitro time kill test studies)

Call 1-800-334-2407 for more information.

SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipe

SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipes are the newest addition to the Safetec arsenal in the War Against Germs. Our pre-saturated hard surface wipes kill TB, MRSA, VRE, E Coli and more in 10 minutes and HIV-1 in 2 minutes. When you reach for a SaniZide Plus® Wipe you get a wipe that is clean wipe after wipe. Our towelettes leave behind virtually no lint or particles to scratch or contaminate surfaces. Our dual quart, alcohol free formula is non-flammable, safe to ship and non-corrosive on surfaces. SaniZide Plus® wipes are ready-to-use, convenient and user-friendly.

Call 1-800-334-2407 for more information.

For Use On: For Use On All Hard, Non-porous Surfaces Normally Treated With A Disinfectant.

National Standard ™ Body Fluid Clean-up Kit

It was originally designed for use on school buses for the cleaning up of body fluid spills. Our kits meet specific state requirement.

-Red Z™ solidifier
-p.a.w.s.™ anti microbial hand wipe
-Biozide™ hard surface disinfectant
-vinyl gloves
-odor mask
-red bag for disposal

Call 1-800-334-2407 for pricing!

Different kits available, call 1-800-334-2407.

Individual Supplies

Individual supplies are available in many different quantities. Just call us and let us know what state you are located and the product. 1-800-334-2407!

Don't see what you need? Don't worry, we supply all first aid kits supplies for all states. Call us for more information. 1-800-334-2407!

Call 1-800-334-2407 for Pricing and Information!

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