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Solenoids & Connectors

3-Post Heavy Duty Solenoid

57817-000 Solenoid

4-Post Heavy Duty Solenoid

4-Post Continuous Duty Insulated Solenoid

3-Post Continuous Duty Grounded Solenoid

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Flashers & Relays

DBZ-1 Door Buzzer

3010 5-Prong Relay w/Bkt
(For SMC Cross/Stop Arms)

InPower Flashers SBF-90

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The Model SBF-90 is advanced technology electronic warning light flasher designed for the school bus flasher replacement market. The wiring and functionality, hole centers, and mounting are identical to typical electronic flashers used on school buses. It is ideal choice for replacing the older mechanical type flashers when higher reliability is desired.

Key Features:

-Industry standard functionality - compatible with existing bus designs
-Rugged anodized aluminum case with sealed electronics
-Industry standard faston wiring terminals and pin assignments
-Ultra compact size - occupies less space than conventional flashers

The SBF90 flasher's industry standard functionality provides for both senoquential and non-sequential operation, and will accommodate 4-lamp and 8-lamp warning light configurations. Each of the lamp outputs (two red and two amber) are rated at 16 amps. The output fo the stop arm is rated at 3 amps.

The design provides safeguards for over current, over temperature, short circuit, and loss of ground. A highly efficient current switching circuit is employed that produces very little heat loss.

The SBF90 is sealed to protect from enviromental elements such as dust and moisture and its case is anodized aluminum. Wiring terminations use eleven 0.250 inch Faston lab terminals.

Flasher Units

W700 Weldon Solid State 8-light Flasher Unit

W700-1000-00 Quick connect to OEM harness


510 Self-Grounding Back Up Alarm
12 Volt, 97 dB(A), SAE Type C, .2 Amps

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