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E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest Model #103Z

With built-in zipper panel and adjustable shoulder straps. The vest grows with the child!

Meets FMVSS213

Use with E-Z-ON's Seat Mount or Tether Strap. New sizes fit age 2 through adult. Four sizes available: XX-Small (ages 2-5), Small (children), Medium (youth), and Large (adult). Accessories area available.

Model #103Z Front

Model #103Z Back

Model #101PB Vest - Front View

Model #101PB - Back View

E-Z-ON Model # 101PB

  • Easy, fast snap-on release
  • Buckle O-Ring and back velcro closure available
  • Crotch strap on sizes xs-small

New Cam Harness Model #1086-N

Add quick affordable upper body restraint to existing lap belts on your school buses. Please remember the 1086 Cam Harness is for school bus use, for ages 2 to 163lbs, where lap belts are available.


Model #1086-N Cam Harness

Both harnesses meet the dynamic and kinematic requirements of FMVSS213

Call 1-800-334-2407 for pricing and information!

E-Z-ON Model #543

E-Z-On Model #543

The KidCam Harness secures around a bus seat equipped with standard lap belts.

Installs without hardware.

Safely Transports children 30-80 lbs on school bus seats. Fits 3 to a seat.

E-Z-ON Model #M203

Certain physical disabilities (such as spinal injury, body coast, long leg cast or hip spica) require a child to lie down when riding in a vehicle. The Modified Vest enables these children to be transported safely and securely.

Model #M203

Model #M203



Models CR-26, CR-30, CR-37 and CR-39

Integrated Child Restraint School Bus Seat

Head Start/Kindergarten age children (20-60 lbs.) are too small to sit in a standard school bus seat without added protection. That’s why The C.E. White Co.® has created the integrated Child Restraint Seat to increase school bus safety



SafeGuard STAR®:

a five-point, add-on restraint system that easily adjusts to provide a proper, secure fit for children 25 to 65 pounds, up to 57 inches tall.

SafeGuard® STAR Plus:

is for children 25 to 90 pounds, up to 57 inches tall.

SafeGuard STAR®

SafeGuard® Star Plus



Seat Belt Buckle Guard

Child Safety Seats:
Use BUCKLE GUARD on the school bus seat belts to assure the seat belts stays locked in place.


Seat Belt Web Cutter

  • Heavy Duty
  • Replaceable Blade
  • Velcro Mounting
  • Orange
  • In an emergency, cut at a diagonal angle.

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Fire Extinguisher

Reflective Triangles
(Set of 3)

Evacuation Blanket

If you need more information or pricing please call us at 1-800-334-2407!

Convenience Bags (for vomit and urine disposal)

Fire Blanket by TieTech LLC

This Fire Blanket folds neatly into a storage pouch which may be mounted to any type of wall to be conveniently located in case of emergency.

Fire Blanket by Tie Tech LLC

Provides protection when transporting a person to safety. Meets CRR 16 part 1610 Standard for the Flammability of Clothing. Size is 82" x 80" wool blanket.

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